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Pretend – part 4

He woke with a start, his mind replaying his dream, but each time a bit faded, until it made no sense. He got the message loud and clear though. He put the book on his nightstand and got up. It was morning already, the sky the same grey shade.

Going towards the theatre he went inside the coffee shop, ordered his herbal tea and sat down at the table he sat the other day. Opening his book, he tuned out the world.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

Upon hearing this voice, his heart quickened its pace. He looked up and saw the same amazing eyes, above a smile as if an artist painted it on the most beautiful face he has ever seen.

“Angela! No, please sit down” he offered, still a bit troubled.

“Thank you. How do you know my name? asked the girl, although she didn’t seem troubled by this.

“Let’s just say it was a lucky guess” said Blake, smiling.

He was getting a second chance, and he was not willing to let it go to waste.

            Stepping out into the street, he was pleasantly surprised to find the sun shining down on them.

Pretend – part 3

Then it was time for Michael and Cynthia. They were a married couple, having dinner in their dining room. The atmosphere was quiet, signs of their passion long gone, content of being rocked gently in the boat of their marriage.

At Blake’s sign, the scene unfolded. Cynthia put down her fork and knife, signaling the end of her meal. She crossed her arms and looked at Michael, who was still eating. Her eyes were moving slowly across his face, as if trying to remember the man she married so long ago. Not seeing what she was looking for, her face showed her discontent. Finally Michael stopped eating and looked at his wife, smiling, silently thanking her for the delicious dinner. He did realize though that something was amiss. Her usual smile was gone and her eyes were darker. He did not know what happened. Raising his eyebrows he asked a silent question. At first Cynthia stayed in her seat, then abruptly stood up. Startled by this, Michael fell on his back. Cynthia came next to him, but not to help, rather than to look down on him, her face contorted in a mask of disgust seeing her husband a weak man. Getting up, Michael apologized with his eyes, smiling sheepishly, but it did not move Cynthia. She started towards what was the dining room door, where two suitcases were visible. She pointed to Michael, the suitcases and the door. He didn’t understand, didn’t want to understand what was going on. He tried to plead with her, reaching his arms towards her, yearning for a touch, but she extended her hand, a clear sign for him not to come near her. He stopped in his tracks, his eyes moving quickly from one point to another, as if their moves helped his mind create a decision. In the end, his face darkened, turned Cynthia toward him, and with a general sweep of his arm showed her all he gave her. She threw her arms in exasperation, as if saying material things aren’t the most important in the world. Angrily, Michael made his way to the door, picked up his suitcases, looked back one more time and left, not without letting escape a painful stare to what was his life.

Pretend – part 2

The next morning he posted up the sign:

“Are you talented? Independent theatre looking for talented artists to star in their latest production. Be advised it is a whole new concept. Auditions will be held at “Legion Theatre”.

Even as he was setting up the announcement, the play started taking form in his head, something he felt really happy for.

The next day he was pleasantly surprised to find several young people already present at the theatre. He invited them all in and started the audition.

“Greetings everyone. As you’ve read in the announcement, we are starting a whole new production. It so happens that it’s a one man production. I am Blake, your producer, director, and fellow actor. I would like you to introduce yourself and I will present the idea to you”.

Pretend – part 1

The sky was a dark grey. Has been for several days now. People hoped they would catch a glimpse of the life supporting sun, but it’s all they were left with. Hope. Even though it was dark, there was no chance for rain. The clouds simply hung on the sky, their main purpose to hide the beautiful blue roof of the world.

Blake made its way, unhurriedly through the morning crowd. People were milling like ants, each and every one prisoner of their own existence, cell phones attached to their ears, breathing automatically, running from one place to another, standing in line in coffee shops buying their charger for the day. He considered himself lucky of having 9 to 5 a job, where he would be forced to sit behind a desk and do some crazy boss’ biding.

Interview with Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle


Photo by Exile Lifestyle

In order to bring a splash of color (or interactivity) to the website, I’ve decided to interviews with people I truly admire, and whose blogs/websites I’m a big fan of.

Meet Colin Wright, a man of many talents. He is an entrepreneur, helping people tap into their potential, T-shirt designer, cofounder of the publishing company Asymmetrical Press and full-time traveler.

1. When was that ‘a-ha’ moment for you to enter the world of entrepreneurship?

I was in college, working 5 different jobs and dual-majoring in graphic design and illustration. LOTS of work to do all the time, but I still took it a little personally when my boss at one of the jobs — a glossy magazine — essentially told me to know my place when I made some suggestions on how we could better utilize the internet to compete with the rival magazine in town. I ended up quitting and starting up my own magazine, a learning experience that I’m still working on to this day!

2. Did you ever had that ‘to hell with this’ feeling and give up?

 I’ve definitely had that feeling! Though I very seldom give up on something that I think is work doing. I’ve gotten pretty good at being uncomfortable and suffering my way through something that needs doing, even if it takes a while, and uses me up for a while afterward.

Act accordingly by Colin Wright

act_accordingly_cover11We have one life in which to do everything we will ever do, so we should act accordingly. Some might say it’s easier said than done, and then come the excuses or shields “I would do this but I can’t because of (insert choice – kids, mortgage, job, lack of money, etc)”. While these motives are valid, they shouldn’t keep us from reaching the ideal lifestyle. That’s why Colin Wright’s new book “Act accordingly” is a handbook or guideline to achieving said lifestyle, a sort of “the road to fulfillment for dummies” if you will.

In his latest work, Colin talks about rules, the best ones being the ones that increase the level of freedom rather than box you in, talks about our value we can add to the world around us to make it a better place, talks about change which can be transforming, even life altering but also points out the danger of falling into the patterns of our old lives within the new one.

Chicken Soup for the Soul – say goodbye to back pain!

Cover by Chicken Soup for the Soul

People between the age of 20 and 40 encounter at least once in their lifetime an episode of back pain. This doesn’t mean that younger or older people don’t fall victim to it. Whether a flare-up or a severe injury, the back pain puts a damper on things, and even life.

The health installment from Chicken Soup for the Soul, “Say goodbye to back pain” by Julie Silver leads us on a journey made of stories written by people suffering from back or neck pain (among the story tellers is the author’s, dr. Julie Silver’s 11 year old daughter), as well as practical advices to recognize the signs of pain and a handful of exercises to prevent back pain from disrupting our lives.

The book is structured in 8 chapters, each chapter depicting 3-4 personal stories followed by the doctor’s explanations and examples of exercises.

Rise of the Djall by Talon Windwalker

Cover photo by Amazon

I’ve been following the adventures of Talon and Tigger through their blog 1dad,1kid,1adventure. When I found out that Talon wrote a book, fantasy one at that (always a fan of the fantasy genre) I jumped at the chance and was hooked from the beginning.

Rise of the Djall takes place in a magical world, each Element (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) playing an equally important role. The main character, Vednis, a member of a mystic order stumbles upon an artifact which gives him a disturbing vision – he sees a boy wielding terrible powers and causing destruction. The vision shakes Vednis hard enough for him to start a journey through the realms of the Element, slowly gathering a group of mismatched characters. Their mission is to maintain the fragile Balance and also come to terms with whatever they encounter.

Chicken Soup for the Soul – Inspiration for Writers

Cover by Chicken Soup for the Soul

The mind is full of ideas. As soon as you reach the point of waking up, thoughts rush in, creating that amazing din, always restless. Occasionally an idea pushes through the competition, surfaces, then stubbornly sticks until you have no choice but grab a pen and a notepad, or launch yourself in front of your computer and start writing.

What makes a writer? The latest installment of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Inspiration for Writers answers this question. Basically, if you put words on paper, be it real or virtual, you are a writer. Simple as that. The rule is, there are no rules. Some are born writers, some are created. You can be a pilot, a stay-at-home-Mom, a high-school student, a lawyer, you are all equal. One thing is for sure, in order to be a writer, first you must live life thoroughly.Then write and steel yourself for rejection. And then write again. It doesn’t matter if you write a short story, a blog entry or a celebrity biography. As long as it brings you pleasure, the feeling that you have to write otherwise you’ll burst, you’re a writer. Every person has a story to tell – a fairytale, a drama, a tragedy, a comedy.

Yet another SE

Yet Another SE (Software Engineer) is written by Simon Saha, a Software Professional from New Delhi, India who is the occasional writer, entertaining his friends and readers alike with comedies.

From the beginning the author clearly outlines the difference between a regular ‘software engineer’ and the ‘Indian software engineer’ – a super-human who can adjust to any recession condition and salary, who can meet impossible deadlines and still not lose the quality of his work. The motive behind becoming an SE is quite simple – there is nothing else to do, and if you’re lucky, it brings you a desired social status with all its benefits – money, prestige and of course, a wife.

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